The FIELDFARE investment strategy at present is intended to accumulate local assets chiefly in Eastern Europe, where relatively modest environmental investment can generate large biodiversity and natural resource benefits. For example, the retirement of arable land in the drought-prone agriculture belt of southern Ukraine will help to rebuild populations of rare birds like great bustards, cranes, partridges, quail and corncrakes.

It is expected that operating profits and dividend payments will accrue over the longer-term as the countries pass through their transition to market economies. Meanwhile, shareholders are expected to enjoy returns on their investment through an increase in the share price related to the overall growth of the company's assets and the attractiveness of its ecological operations.

Individual and institutional investors may subscribe to ordinary shares up to a limit of 10% of the overall capital at the time.

Convertible preference shares are also available for investments that can be tied to specific projects under a shareholders’ agreement.

In due course, when it has established a suitable track record and turnover, it is expected that the company will make a public offering of its shares.

Current Position

As of May 2006, the company had 26 shareholders and a subscribed capital of more than £150,000. The shareholders include Worldwide Fund for Nature (Austria) and Doen Foundation (Netherlands) who have each purchased convertible preference shares for specific project investments.

In addition to share capital, the company has attracted other income streams, for example from EU funds, consultancy contracts and in-kind support.

The company has a joint stock subsidiary registered in Ukraine (Salix Ltd). Through this subsidiary, FIELDFARE coordinates investment activities in the Lower Danube region.

The Ordinary Share subscription form is provided at the back of the latest Shareholder Update on the downloads page.

The company statutes and latest audited accounts are available on request from the Managing Director, Paul Goriup.